NexusWorx Launching Common Security Access Issues and Resolutions



Issue: You receive the following error launching NexusWorx.

ERROR: "Unable to send service request. SSLHandshakeException: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target."

Or error:

ERROR: "Unable to send service request. ConnectException: Connection timed out..." (This may also appear sporadically and NexusWorx may also be slower due to client requests times-outs / retries due to customer network blocking. If could be from the client computer / network not continuously accepting the NexusWorx launcher or Java app startup Auto-Proxy authentication.)


Resolution: This comes from your IT network support Firewall or similar blocking our Java12 app and/or URL Addresses.

Provide the following Information to your IT network support group:

Need to allow access to by creating a Firewall exception or other for both the following:

1.       The FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) for your deployment ~= nwapp{x} for production and nweval{x} , replacing the {x} with the numeral that appears in your specific NxWx deployments URL. Or, both the IP Addresses to allow are Production = and Training Server = Or Allow all Byers NexusWorx deployment * wildcard domain addresses.

2.       The Google Maps API FQDN = , Full URL address= that NexusWorx uses for the Google Layer google maps background within the application. The IP Address for =



Issue: Your security app (ex: Symantec, etc) says that it quarantined your NexusWorx launcher executable Nxwx_nw---byers.com_--.exe. The reason is normally that the file is of unknown low reputation that means they do not have a record of a lot of use for it.



1.       You can remove or restore the Nxwx_nw---byers.com_--.exe from your security app Quarantine, then run it. Open your app and View Quarantine, then select our exe and restore it via either a right-click option or corresponding button. Then go to where the exe was restored and run it.

2.       Also, It would be advisable to send a request to your IT network support for them to add an exception to your security app policy so it does not quarantine this file in the future. Preferably, have your IT put exception in to allow execute of all files from the * URL domain.



Issue: Your browser is saving the NexusWorx launcher file with a different extension, possibly a .7 (ex: Nxwx_nw---byers.com_--.7) or other.


Resolution: Go to the folder where your browser saved the NexusWorx launcher file and rename it just changing the extension to _.exe. Then run the file.



Issue: You are receiving a message when attempting to launch NexusWorx:

"The specified application is not a valid application for this OS platform."


Resolution: If you received this message, you may still be on Windows 7. Microsoft has ended support of Windows 7 on 1/14/2020 and NexusWorx is currently not supported on Windows 7 or earlier operating systems. If you are still running Window 7, it is recommended that your computer be upgraded to Windows 10.